Nuclear Energy

Some interesting facts that have a lot of advantages:

“Uranium is a heavy metal found in rocks and seabeds, and it’s a powerful element. One pellet of enriched uranium — about the size of an eraser on the end of pencil — contains the same energy as a ton of coal or three barrels of oil, according to GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy”.

We are blessed with such a metal and careful management of it would prosper the globe immensely.


Let’s all hope and pray that the Covid-19 virus doesn’t mutate (like virus’ can and do) into something of a more sinister nature such as the Delta type did. It seems that the Delta type is much worse than it’s previous version i.e. infecting much younger people & being more contagious, so here’s hoping that that downward mutating spiral stops now.

Disturbing Events

The recent announcements of various companies in Victoria, Australia to axe many jobs is close to my heart and has compelled me to write here.
The tragic loss of employees is only the tip of the iceberg as opposed to the disappearance of management protocols and infrastructure that will be very expensive to, if at all, be replaced.
I believe the government should install and provide greater incentives to the troubled companies so they can stay in business and preserve our skill base.
What do you think?